A farmer taking cattle to the livestock market, Garissa, Kenya. Farmers are facing the challenges of climate change. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Thomas Hug
Climate change


A wide range of topics surrounding climate and agriculture were discussed in an official side event at COP 23 in November 2017 in Bonn, Germany. Representatives from countries, organisations and businesses across the world came...more

Promoting local milk to customers in a supermarket, Agadir , Morocco.<br/> Photo: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti / FAO


The European Union has been in the process of negotiating free trade agreements with two countries in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Prospects for the two countries of Morocco and Tunisia were explored at an Open University...more

Coastal area, Fiji: Climate action needs to be enhanced to save small islands like Fiji. <br/> Photo: Frontier official/Conor Meikleham (flickr)
Climate change


Representatives and delegations of various organisations as well as politicians were on board the “Train to Bonn” specially organised by German railway company “Deutsche Bahn AG” for the Climate Conference COP 23.more

Power plant: In 101 countries (representing 50 per cent of global emissions) emissions increased in the presence of growing GDP. <br/> Photo: Wladimir Labeikovsky (flickr)
Climate change


While the nations attending the COP 23 Climate Conference are discussing further measures to combat climate change, a team of international scientists publish a report indicating that global CO2 emissions are on the rise again. more



Again and again, hurricanes, floods and droughts are rendering harvests useless throughout the world. Especially in the rural regions of the South, farmers are anything but resilient to extreme weather events. Entire societies...more



“Food and Digits” was the topic of this year’s World Food Day Colloquium in Germany, where scientists discussed the question whether big data and ICT could revolutionise the fight against hunger and malnutrition. more

Dirk Messner, Director of DIE, at the conference “Climate Action and Human Wellbeing at a Crossroads: Historical Transformation or Backlash?” <br/> Photo: DIE
Climate change


A ten-point memorandum entitled “The Climate – Justice – Cooperation Nexus: 10 Cornerstones of the Great Transformation towards Sustainability” calls upon policy-makers and business leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in...more

Climate change


COP 23 in Bonn, Germany, aims to specify the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Experts are of the opinion that the support countries have pledged to date is not enough to achieve the Paris Agreement Goals.more

Land degradation


Now that Land Degradation Neutrality has been adopted as a target in its Strategic Framework, the UNCCD finally has a clear objective.more



To mark World Food Day, the 16th October, the European Parliament’s Committee on Development and Cooperation invited experts to discuss the topic of food security and migration. The meeting highlighted just how diverse the...more

Rural development


The mandate for the drawing up of a UN declaration for peasants and other people working in rural areas has once again been extended. Support is growing in the international community for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Rural...more

Food security


Progress has been made in combating hunger. However, some of it is being nullified again by wars and the impact of climate change. And also by inequality, which is tending to rise rather than to decline in many world regions....more



Many farmers lack information on crop diseases. Now, a new developed mobile app diagnoses crop diseases in the field and alerts the farmers.more

Rural development


The 19th “Tropentag” at the University of Bonn, Germany, once again demonstrated that development co-operation needs to be thoroughly revised. Basic objectives such as irrigation, improved seed or the establishment of...more

A panel of politicians, academics and NGO representatives voiced their views of the German Government’s Marshall Plan with Africa and looked at what co-operation with the continent really requires in Bonn, Germany, last September.more

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